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European Year of Cultural heritage

2018 was the European Year of Cultural Heritage: in all the countries of the European Union, thousands of cultural and artistic events were organized that involved millions of citizens. Also in Italy, under the direction of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, 2018 was the year of the promotion of artistic and cultural heritage. MiBAC, through Ales Spa, asked us to create a platform that would collect the requests of institutions, associations and private citizens from all over Italy and support them in the realization of events in the context of the European Year of Culture. So we imagined, designed and implemented a platform who gave users an easy path: from sending the application to the realization of the event, for cultural operators; from searching for events to sharing on social profiles, for citizens.
Activity UI e UX Design, Interaction Design, Development, Data Analysis
Client Ales Spa / MiBAC
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A year later we finished the work analyzing the data of the digital ecosystem and creating a report that highlighted the success of the project: a quantitative analysis (analytics and social media) and qualitative (survey) that compared the performance with some of the most important European countries involved and that turned out to be a valuable document to learn more about the relevant public.