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Famiglia Cotarella

When the company moved into the hands of Dominga, Marta and Enrica Cotarella, a new brand was born, devoted to the constant search for refinement and modernity. Pescerosso Comunicazione on the occasion of the transition to the new brand, Famiglia Cotarella, entrusted us with the redesign of the website. The aim was to create an innovative product to support the sales network in the product story. The challenge was to collect all the product-related information on a single channel, with the ability to share it quickly and simply via email, mobile and through new channels such as Whatsapp. At the same time, the site aims to enhance the values ​​of the family and the link with the territory, an essential characteristic for a winery like Cotarella.
Activity Brandign, UX Design, Interaction Design, Content Design, Development
Client Pescerosso Comunicazione
A journey through Famiglia Cotarella vineyard
Immediate and simple consultation, as well as information sharing.
Illustration of the Montecchio estate for the Cotarella wine label, "30anni"